Saturday, December 11, 2010

So, come on and take a free ride! (Mid-November post)

The guys and I hit the roads again and decided to experience a little bit of Hong Kong Football Association action against Paraguay. Due to the fact that I am an American and football (soccer) is not in leagues or easily accessible to see in the states they thought I should go to at least one live game. The excitement and anticipation was great as we took our taxi across town and the rush of needing to get there on time. Well incase you are unaware... Hong Kong's team is not that great and evidently the people of Hong Kong think the same! We made it to the arena right on time and expected when we climbed the steps to look down into the stadium that it would be full, okay at least half-full. To our surprise there was maybe a hundred people in the stands, note that the arena holds several THOUSAND! We sat in our student section seats and got ready for the match. We thought that just maybe people would be showing up later due to the traffic, yeah right. This was the attendance all game!

We were able to watch Santa Cruz from Paraguay play though and see the many goals that he assisted and/or made. Benne, Damien, and I all thought we would at least buy a team jersey so we went looking. The price for one was the same price of an official team jersey of a national team not a league team. So we passed up that idea very quickly. Overall, the experience was great and the game had some exciting parts. Is it a bad thing that we cheered and yelled for Paraguay when we live in Hong Kong? Guess what... the final score was 0-7, PARAGUAY!!!

I had a nice little adventure of taking a "free ride" during my experience here in Hong Kong. I will not disclose names or ownership of the car involved, but I may have found a pair of keys to a Mercedes and took it on a test drive to the Peak... I mean the keys were basically saying "take me, drive the car." I have to obey when a pair of keys start talking right!?! So I got in the car and adjusted everything for me, but something was not right... oh yeah I was in the driver's seat which is on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE CAR!!! I took a deep breath and put the car in reverse and then in drive. I was on my way up the Peak. I had forgotten that police patrol that area pretty well at night and I was quickly reminded when I say a car following me and on passing me. I took a deep breath again and just kept driving up the spirally mountain. I made it to the top and I have to say I drive pretty well on that side of the car and road. One more thing that can be checked off on the "things to do in life list."

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